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Accessories for Morso Mitring Machines


Safety Guard Manually Operated Digital Measuring System
Safety Guard Securing the operator against touching the knives.
Fits also older machines, if ordered with a clamp on bracket.
Manually Operated Digital Measuring System Fits all Morso machines.

Standard to 1,500 mm.

Available up to 6,000 mm.
Waste Chute Adjustable Second Stop
Waste Chute Fits the Morso F, F De-Luxe and F plus Ten.

Mounted without any screws.
Adjustable Second Stop Ideal for cutting short and long pieces.

Fits all Morso machines.
2,500 mm Ruler Extension Tables for Left and Right Hand Side
2,500 mm Ruler Manually measuring scale to 2,500 mm.

Fits all Morso machines with standard measuring scale.
Extension Tables for Left and Right Hand Side Available as standard table or cast iron table.
Automatic Rebate Support System Infeed Roller Table
Automatic Rebate Support System Fits all Morso machines.

Secure that the rebate supports stays in the same position during multiple cutting.
Infeed Roller Table An extension table for the left hand side is also available as a roller table for easier feeding of moulding.
Spare Knives Deeper Rebate Supports
Spare Knives Spare knives for all Morso machines. Deeper Rebate Supports Manually adjustable for especially box framing.

Supports from 40 – 70 mm tall rebates.
Autogage 1700 Wooden Knife Box
Autogage 1700 Automatic measuring system.

Available up to 3,000 mm.

Fits all Morso machines.
Wooden Knife Box A safe and solid packing for your Morso blades.

The postman likes them!
Moulding Clamps Air Kit FH
Moulding Clamps Available for Morso H and Morso EH.

Available as hortizontal clamps or vertical clamps.
Air Kit FH For converting your Morso F into a semi automatic machine.

Delivered with two hand release system for safety.
Manual Digital Measuring System New  
Manually Operated Digital Measuring System Morso Manual Digital Measuring System.

For all Morso machines, new as well as old ones.