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Morso Model E Future Green Mitring Machine

 Morso E Future Green is a fully automatic, electric mitring machine with a two-hand release built on. This makes the machine absolutely safe to operate as it is impossible to start the machine and touch the knives at the same time.

With Morso-E Future Green you achieve the clean smooth cut by automatically cutting of the work piece in two cuts, as long as both push buttons are activated at the same time. The cutting time varies from 1 second and up, depending on the thickness of the work piece. Having finished the cutting, the knife block automatically returns to the starting position.

The starting position (horizontal movement) is adjustable up to 60 mm, (Max. width of work piece is 100 mm.) and from 60 mm the Morso-E Future Green will automatically cut the work piece bit by bit. The variable start position is adjusted by a handle placed on the machine.

The vertical movement of the knife block is also adjustable with three different heights.

  • Position 1 for small work pieces,
  • Position 2 for medium size work pieces and
  • Position 3 for very thick work pieces, up to 180 mm.

 Morso-E Future Green is delivered with:

  • Two hand release operation,
  • safety guard,
  • sliding longi-tudinal stop,
  • second stop,
  • measuring scale up to 1500 mm,
  • waste chute,
  • extension table for the left side,
  • adjustable fences,
  • adjustable and automatic rebate supports,
  • and clamping cylinders.

Morso Model E Future Green Mitring Machine

Morso-E Future Green is excellent for repetition work, as it:

  • is faster than a double mitre saw,
  • leaves no dust behind,
  • 100 % noiseless,
  • cuts an exact and perfect 45-degree mitre.

Morso-E Future Green is available three phase with voltage to your requirements.

Technical data for
Morso Model E Future Green Mitring Machine
Double mitre 45°
Single mitre up to 90°
Cutting width, max. 100 mm
Cutting height, max. 180 mm
Square cutting 70/70 mm
Measuring scale up to 1,500 mm
Motor, three phase 0.55 kW
Net weight 135 kg

Technical alterations without prior notice reserved.