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Morso Automatic Knife Grinder

The automatically operated Morso knife grinder has been designed for sharpening your Morso blades to perfection.

It is automatically operated, but the edge must still be set manually after the grinding process. However the operator can always work with two sets of Morso blades at the time.

One set in the grinding machine, being ground automatically. In the meantime the operator can set the edge on the previous set, which came out of the machine.

As your Morso blades must NEVER be flat ground the Morso Grinding machines comes with the set angle for sharpening the blades.

Exactly the same angle is used in our own factory, and therefore you can be sure of the perfect result with every grinding. Never change the angle of the machine!

The Morso grinding machines use the dry grinding principle, which means you do not have to use any coolings or anything else in the grinding process.

The metal will heat up a little bit, therefore it is important that you move the wheel forwards and backwards with the same consistent speed.

With the automatic Morso Grinder the operator can be sure of consistency in the speed, as this is adjustable.

The forward movement of the grinding wheel is adjustable. You can program in the controller when you want the grinding wheel to move closer to the Morso blades, and reaching the set time, the wheel comes stepwise closer to the Morso blades.

At any time the operator controls how close the Morso blades will be to the grinding wheel.

The automatic Morso Grinder is delivered as a three phase machine, but is also available in a single phase version.

Morso Automatic Knife Grinder

The automatic Morso Knife Grinder is delivered with the following accessories included in the price:

  • Two grinding wheels number 101 (One of them fitted on the machine),
  • One hand grinding flat stone for manually setting of the edge, number 102,
  • One hand grinding flat stone for removing the burrs, number 103,
  • One diamond trueing up for cleaning the grinding wheel,
  • Adaptors to increase the height of your Morso blades when they have been ground several times.knives.

Enjoy your sharpening with our special knife grinder for knives used in Morso mitring machines.

Technical data for
Morso Automatic Knife Grinder
Grinding capacity 1 pair of knives
Grinding wheel size 150 mm
Speed of grinding wheel 2,800 rpm
Motor, three phase 380V, 1.1 kW
Air pressure min. 6 bar
Clamping cylinders 2 pcs
Machine dimension:
Length x width x height
1,600 x 1,200 x 1,700 mm
Net weight 250 kg

Technical alterations without prior notice reserved.